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At Identidad Telecom we offer complete international voice carrier solutions that carry on the supreme quality that we are best known for. With high competition at stake, we always manage to place our customers first. Staying true to our company’s standing, we commit to no blends, no gimmicks, and clarity business practices to satisfy our customers every step of the way.

Our Voice product is designed to exceed the highest quality demands in the telecom industry. This includes MNO’s, OTT’s, and other retailers. Through our service, we provide direct termination through Premium Routes with CLI delivery. We additionally offer SLA delivery, if required.

With state-of-the- art technology, we are able to reduce and eliminate the routes with FAS within our network and exceed the average benchmarks of quality in the telecom industry. By providing transparent solutions and fraud monitoring and control, we have gained trust and created partnerships and alliances while continuing to grow as a company and with our clients.


  • Premium Routes (CLI)
  • Direct Termination
  • Premium A-Z Coverage
  • Dynamic and Advanced Network
  • Anti-Fraud and Anti-Fas Monitoring Systems
  • Quality Service Monitoring Systems
  • Real-time Monitoring Systems
  • SLA (Service Level Agreements) Contracts
  • Global Leaders
  • Security
IOT Telecom direct connections

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