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Identidad Telecom is an International A2P SMS Hub and Aggregator. We are the one-stop-shop for global A2P SMS Premium Termination services coverage. We take our services seriously. Offering the highest standards of quality, fast, and reliable, delivery ensures that we commit and connect with our customers worldwide.

Beneficial components implemented within our SMS services includes a single source for quality message delivery, management of termination to large networks of operators, and ability to diminish authentication risks,for enterprise customers, OTT’s or SMS Aggregators. Mobile Network Operators are provided with beneficial features as well. These features include an opportunity to generate revenue by arranging formal elements together, spam protection, fraud message protection, and monetize A2P message termination services. Additional services are also offered to those clients who hold an interest in creating personalized SMS campaigns. With EVO, clients now have this opportunity.

We are Quality Centric. What does this mean? Our company emphasizes on top-of-the-line quality service. Whether it’s for promotional business purposes or security code notification messages, attention to detail and delivering excellence in every product we offer, allows us to surpass our client’s expectations and leave an open window for potential future clients.


  • Direct to Operator Termination
  • A-Z Coverage
  • Dynamic Senders
  • Two-Way SMS
  • Short Number Availability
  • Different Connectivity: SMPP, HTTP, Rest API
  • Message Encoding
  • Concatenation
  • Delivery Reports
  • Real-time Testing Tools
  • Fraud Monitoring Systems
  • Security
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